How it works

Hot Water Panels

Solaris Solar Heating Diagram

1) The heated glycol/water mixture comes into the house from the solar panels.

2) A heat exchanger passes the heat along to an internal water heating loop without glycol.  This is used to heat your home and for hot water.

The system will work with both:

3) forced-air with the addition of a Solar Heating Coil,

4) with hot water heating systems.

5) The addition of an indirect water heater provides hot water to your home.

Your existing furnace and water heater now act as a backup only.

For out-buildings, a heat exchanger is not used, since often these buildings can drop in temperature to below the freezing point, so a glycol heating loop is used within the out-buildings.


  • Solar heating
  • Stores heat for night
  • Reduces heating fuel use
  • Can heat:
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential
    • Government

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