What distinguishes us from other solar panels?

We feel that a home or a building is a life long investment and that any additions to that structure should last just as long.  For this reason, we have used innovation in design, quality materials and precision manufacturing to build one of the best solar heating panels in the industry. 

Manufacturing Process

  • We start with black anodized precision extruded aluminum frames.  The black anodization provides long life protection against corrosion while sustaining an attractive appearance. 
  • We CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine these frames to a high tolerance for precision fit and assembly.
  • We have designed a durable frame that will not separate over time.
  • We use stainless steel screws instead of rivets to insure the panel is serviceable in case of unforeseen accidents.
  • Another key innovation is our thermal isolation technology. Our solar absorber is totally thermally isolated from the frame substantially minimizing heat loss.
  • A tempered glass window on the front of the solar panel is much stronger and safer than regular glass that does not fade or crack like plastic windows.
  • We use a copper heating pipe that is corrosion resistant and stronger than aluminum.
  • Solar panels do have a tendency to trap moisture that reduces their effectiveness.  Solaris has developed a proprietary anti-fogging technology that can be optionally added.
  • We use easy-hang solar panel building mounts for fast and easy installation.
  • Trim kits are used in the gaps between panels and top drip guards where applicable to keep rain out from behind the panels.

So, how does all this come together? 

  • Black anodized aluminum frame 
  • Solid aluminum machined frame corner blocks 
  • Back protective aluminum panel 
  • Thick aluminum back panel retainer bars 
  • Side, top and bottom insulation 
  • Back panel insulation 
  • Absorber stiffeners
  • Absorber heating copper coil 
  • Solar absorber panel 
  • Tempered glass window 

EX-14C Hot Water Panel Specifications:

  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Size: Panel Dimensions: 91” X 45.75” X 4”
  • Mounting footprint: 96” X 48”
  • Thermal Rating: 18,500 BTU per 6 hour day
  • $1,700.00 CAD  ($1,275.00 US)

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